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Milies is 28 km away from Volos, the capital of Magnesia, and is one of the better-known villages of Pelion, and also the centre of the municipality. It has 1,500 permanent residents and is set in the glorious green  surroundings of the Milies valley. The village has a great mythological and historical tradition and offers a large variety things to see, a fact which has helped it to become one of the most significant Pelion destinations.

Milies is the homeland of Anthimos Gazis, Grigoris Konstantas and Daniel Filippidis, and is a place steeped in tradition, with a history of trading, art and culture. Milies is also a place where the flag of the revolution of 1821 was raised. In Milies, you can find a well-established school, the Public Library and also the end-of-line station for the Pelion train, “Moutzouris”.


What you will see:

Well-preserved mansions, buildings and cobbled pathways which are scattered around the village, among which the historical pathway that connects the village square with the train station. You can also see fresh water springs, churches, apple trees, olive trees, chestnut trees and many beautiful gardens.
Visit The Public Library of Milies which houses over 3,500 rare books, manuscripts, letters, the teaching material of the school and the original flag of the revolution raised by Anthimos Gazis. The Folklore Museum with an important collection of folklore art, clothes and other material.



The Taxiarhes Temple with its innovative construction and unique religious paintings.
The train station of “Mountzouris”, and the iron bridge, built in the early 20th century by Evaristo De Chirico.
St Nicolas Temple, where you can find the tombs of Anthimos Gazis, Grigorios Konstantas and Daniel Filipidis.

Milies High School, which was built on the site of the old Milies School, and the stadium with its amphitheatre-like seating.