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Kala Nera, an old fishing village, is now one of the most important tourist resorts of Magnesia. It is situated at the foot of Mount Pelion, about 20 kilometres from Volos. The main characteristics of the area are its calm, clean sea, the well-organised Blue Flag* beach, and its excellent location in central Pelion. Kala Nera is a place full of life but also an ideal resort for the children.


The well-developed tourist infrastructure is another advantage of Kala Nera. The resort is supported by a variety of hotels, restaurants, tavernas, bars, cafeterias, commercial shops, and car, scooter or bike rentals. There is also a pharmacy, a community clinic, public services and an ATM. Public transport is regular, with intercity buses to and from Volos, excellent for those who don't have their own transport.


What you will see:

Very beautiful gardens with fruit trees, vines, vegetables and flowers as well as huge magnolias on the far side of the settlement, all flourishing as a result of the rich, well irrigated subsoil of the region. One of the most notable features is the Belegrino area, with its attractive stream. There are also traditional pathways leading to some of the highland areas.