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Pelion is internationally known for its beautiful natural environment, the quality of its infrastructure and the traditional features encountered throughout the area, especially the architecture of the old mansions, the structure of villages and settlements, and the aesthetics surrounding the everyday life and the local culinary traditions of the area.

The area was inhabited from early historical times and has consequently accepted and assimilated many cultures and traditions, all of which have made their own special contribution to the unique culture of Pelion.


Pelion supports dense forest and is the home of the mythical centaurs; the area is loved both for its beauty and its ideal position.
Pelion is centrally situated in the heart of Greece, close to major airports, with the added advantage of a large commercial port and a rich road network, attracting those who wish to settle in a place that combines the simplicity and purity of nature with the facilities provided by a modern infrastructure.




From AINARETI you can make excursions to all corners of the "Mountain of the Centaurs." It is located close to Milies, Vyzitsa, Agios Georgios and the main roads of Pelion.

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